The Agency

Identify common issues agencies go through, such as budget and time mismanagement, scope creep, miscommunication, and how ultimately, standard operating procedures help to align your team.

What's inside:


Process documentation

Knowing where to start documenting can sometimes be the hardest part. We've broken down how, and where to start, as well as provide examples and ideas for you and your team to use, implement and customize.


Timelines and budgets

Covering your costs, maintaining profit, and estimating timelines can be difficult. Especially when your team's morale, and potentially your business, hangs in the balance. We've got some tips.


Communication breakdown

The biggest mistake we can make is to assume that communication happened. How can you know that you're communicating effectively? We've got some strategies to help keep communications open and your business running smoothly.


Scope creep

We've all been there, one more deliverable, one more round of revisions. It's never just one more, it's eating away your profits, and stressing out your team. We've got tips for defining and managing the scope of a project, as well as how to put it into practise.


Standard operating procedures

Standardizing your processes is going to make or break your growth. By making sure everything is laid out and clear before your team starts growing you're setting yourself, and your future team, up for less stress. 


Talent management

Finding, keeping, and managing your team all stems from the same source. Culture. It's more than a buzzword, it matters a whole lot to the people on your team. We've got a few things up our sleeve when it comes to creating and maintaining a culture that people want to be a part of.